Stage 3: Predator and Prey

Stage 3: Predator and Prey


Populations of organisms do not remain constant; the number of individuals can increase and decrease over time. Predator and prey relationships contribute to these changes. Both predator and prey species have remarkable adaptations which help them survive in their environment.  Students will meet a variety of predator and prey species and apply their keen observation skills to differentiate between their adaptations. 
After their workshop student are encouraged to visit the Zoos new Lion Pride Lands Experience to see examples of African predators and prey. Here students can learn about how African villagers live with their domestic livestock in close proximity to Lions and what they can do to support these species in the wild. 

Learning resources: download the Predator and Prey learning resource.

Suitable for

Stage 3 Science.


This experience will be delivered in the Amarti Education Centre at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.