Dating with DNA

Dating with DNA


Take a self-guided tour of Taronga Zoo Sydney and witness the results of our successful breeding programs, whilst exploring the Zoo's current science communication initiatives to gain ideas for your students' own design project.

Learning resource: download the Dating with DNA resource.

Suitable for

Year 12 Biology.

What's involved

This workshop is self-guided and is only available at Taronga Zoo Sydney. See below for further information.

Throughout this depth study, your students will develop a practical understanding of how predictive models of inheritance enable decision making to maintain genetic diversity in zoo-based animal populations.

Investigate how science is used to make predictions about future changes to populations and explore the impact of biotechnology on biological diversity. Learn about the work and research of Taronga's scientists in developing new methodologies for the genetic management of endangered species.

This self-guided Depth Study also has a related workshop, Heredity & Genetic Change, which can be combined with this day plan, or experienced on its own.