Zoomobile booking costs

Zoomobile booking costs

View the pricing for Taronga's incursion program - Zoomobile, where you can Bring the Zoo to you.

If you are ready to book, fill in your details in the Zoomobile Booking Form.

School workshops

Booking typeCost

Up to 45 students

Flat rate (1 hr presentation)

Up to 4 sessions per day


46 or more students

Additional students per session

Flat rate applies

$7.00 each

Animals of the Dreaming with Col Hardy - for Schools

Booking typeCost

Up to 60 students

Flat rate (1 hr presentation)

Up to 3 sessions per day


61 or more students

Additional students per session*

Flat rate applies


*For bookings for sessions with 120 students or more, please get in contact by emailing zoomobile@zoo.nsw.gov.au.