Year 11 Depth Study: Observing Animal Behaviour

Year 11 Depth Study: Observing Animal Behaviour


This depth study introduces students to the necessity of observation to drive scientific investigation. With over 4000 animals in our care, Taronga Zoo Sydney is the perfect environment for students to plan, observe and record animal behaviour. Behavioural observations allow scientists to collect and record data which enables them to test hypothesis to ensure animal wellbeing and survival. 

Students will learn about primary data collection through authentic scientific animal observations, guided by zoo scientists and experts.

What's involved

This full day program is available at Taronga Zoo Sydney only. See below for further information. 


  • Thursday 29th February 2024
  • Tuesday 12th March 2024

At the Zoo

This full day program includes: 

  • A presentation seminar delivered by Taronga keepers and teachers about using animal observation to help them care for animals (e.g. innate and learnt behaviour, conditioning and enrichment objects) 
  • Workshops delivered by working scientists Taronga scientists who study animal behaviour 
  • Opportunity to design and conduct ethograms to gather animal behaviour data around the zoo 
  • Animal encounters 


Knowledge and Understanding:  

  • INS11-8 identifies that the collection of primary and secondary data initiates scientific investigations  

Working Scientifically: 

  • INS11-1 Questioning and predicting
  • INS11-7 Communicating
  • INS11-2 Planning investigations
  • INS11-3 Conducting investigations